Sterilization Equipment

Vacuklav 24 B/L+

Melag Vacuklav class B is the highest class autoclave used for sterilization of all possible loads and all kinds of sterilization packaging regarding the EU standard EN 13060:2001.

This autoclave has been approved in thousands of applications for 10 years. Due to their experience gathered in more than 55 years, MELAG has content customers all over the world who trust in the reliability and top performance of the autoclaves produced in Berline.



melaquick 12+

MELAquick 12+

This machine is for the sterilization of handpieces and turbines that conform to the hygiene standards.
Requirements for the preparation of dental instruments are define by official hygiene experts. Instruments for " semi-critical " use ( restorative treatment )have to be prepared and treated after each patient, preferably in a validated, mechanistic disinfection and cleaning process.

" Critical " hand pieces and turbines used for paradontological, endodontic and surgical treatment have to be sterilized at the end of the reprocessing according to the mechanical preparation prescribed in these cases.
melaquick 12+