Does whitening harm my teeth?

No, it doesn’t. The zoom whitening gel only penetrate to your teeth and remove the stain off by ion exchange mechanism so it won’t harm your teeth at all.

How long does it take to do teeth whitening?

It takes about 1.5 hours in total which is only 45 minutes for whitening session and another 30 minutes for preparation including consultation.

How many sessions do I need to do whitening?

Normally, you need only 1 session but if your teeth are very dark, you can get another repeat session in about 1 week later or you can combine with home bleaching method as a touch up kit.

Can I fly home straight away after whitening?

Yes, you can.

How many visits does it take for veneer procedure?

Porcelain veneer requires at least 2 visits for tooth preparation and insertion but you should spare another visit for follow up.

In addition, if you need veneer for upper and lower teeth, you‘d better prepare for 4-5 visits in total which is about 10-14 days in total process.

Is veneer preparation painful?

No, it isn’t as we provide a local anesthesia before the procedure.

How many visits does it take for crown procedure?

The same as veneer procedure.

I have tooth missing. Shall I go for implant or bridge?

Nowadays, we ‘d better recommend implant rather than bridge as implant is not harmful to the adjacent teeth that need to be cut off for for bridge anchorage preparation.

Except, you have certain contra indication for implant procedures such as compromised bone condition, underling medical condition,  certain esthetic requirement, etc.

How much session does it take for implant procedure?

Implant normally need at least 2 sessions which are implant surgical placement and crown on implant. However, consultation and treatment planning are required to determine duration in each session.

Is implant placement painful?

You won’t feel anything during the treatment as we perform the treatment under local anesthesia but after the treatment you may confront with minor soreness and swelling which is common post operative condition.

However, antibiotic and pain killer will be provided to help you after the treatment.

How can I organize my dental treatment?

Basically, you may send us an email about your required dental problem.

It would be even better, if you can send us your x-rays and photos.

You can see the detail for online consultation from the following link :


How long do I need to be in Thailand for my dental treatment?

Each treatment requires different timeline, you may need to get the online consultation to determine your necessary dental treatment duration first.

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